How to Make Your Numbers and Profits

It’s in the news, talked about on the radio, and blogged about by a number of people. It’s the housing market. While the opinion differ by economists, wall street, main street and neighborhoods, the one constant is that the real estate market has been impacted.

However, even in this market there are a number of real estate brokers and agents meeting and exceeding their sales numbers.

While the internet has played a large role in keeping leads in their pipeline, a number of brokers and agents report that for them “follow-up”, whether email or phone, has been key.

They have adjusted their marketing messages, marketing locations and business practices to the current market conditions. These types of adjustments have resulted in sales increase and better profits.

The Top 6 Items that Help Make the Numbers & Profits:

1. Online Marketing:  Using the cost per click (cpc) advertising was the most effective; followed by organic search clicks.

2. Managing Prospects:  Each lead is placed in a database, assigned to an agent, and follow-up activity is recorded. Each lead is given a list of guidelines for follow-up.

3. To Do Lists / Checklists:  Use specific list to stay focused on getting the key items done upfront. Once these things are completed you know that the process is moving.

4. Email Marketing:  Send an email on market changes, price changes, rebates and government stimulus that can help with the buying and selling process.

5. Client Management:  Contact client to see if they have any questions, update them on progress, and project a realistic view for results.

6. Virtual Automation:  Use internet technology to so that everyone can work together from any location, including home.

Make sure you set realistic goals, then start with a strategy to keep leads coming into your pipeline. When the leads start, have a system to mange and follow-up. From there provide valued services and always be working to close the deal.