What is Your Marketing Message?

Here’s how to develop a marketing message that fills your pipeline

In your realty business, you’ve taking the time to come up with your business name; you’ve gotten your photo printed on business cards and flyers; and you have setup a website, Facebook, Myspace and/or twitter accounts.

Now that everyone knows that you are a real estate professional, so what is your marketing message? Are you just like everyone else and just sell real estate, or is there something special and of distinguished value to your services?

The same time and thought that you put into coming up with your business name, look and feel, is the same effort and more that should be put into deriving your marketing message.

If you have been wondering why your pipeline has not been flowing with leads and prospects; and why you are not getting listings or buyers, it is time to look at the core message that you are providing.

Your core message is the message you want to get across to your potential clients. It’s the thing that will convince potential clients that you have the answer to their problem. Your business success is greatly dependent on how clear and effective your core message is.

How to Develop Your Marketing Message

1. Introduce Yourself  — but do not get carried away with talking about yourself. Over talking can distract your potential customers and, in many cases, push them away. They are not interested as much in who you are as they are in what you can do for them.

2. Identify Problems  — The next thing you need to focus on in your core marketing message is a problem that needs to be solved. People will pay to have their problem solved.

For example: If you were experiencing terrible back pains, and someone said to you I can get rid of that back pain for you; you are very highly likely to use their services.

In the case of Real Estate: If a home owner is having trouble making their mortgage payments and just wanted to relieve themselves of their mortgage debt headaches, they are highly like to use your services if you offered such a solution.

The key is to identify the specific problems that your services solve. You want to reach people that have a need, and then say, “Hey! I can fix that for you!” That is how you get clients’ attention. And that is how your potential clients know you are talking to them.

3. Offer Outcomes  — The natural thing to do, once you’ve identified a problem, is talk about solutions and processes. However, when it comes to your core marketing message, solutions and processes need to take a back seat.

You see, people out there who have a problem aren’t looking for methods. They aren’t looking for a process. They aren’t even looking for solutions.

What they want are outcomes.

For example: With your back pain you do not want physical therapy, exercise or coaching, you want to be free from the pain.

In the case of Real Estate: The home owner does not want five buyers ready to buy, or a quick short sale; the home owner wants to be rid of the mortgage debt.

The key is to tell those potential clients exactly why they need you. You need to know what your potential clients want to get out of the situation, decide if you can provide it, and then give it to them.

Putting It All Together

So, now that you have identified the various components of your core marketing message, it’s time to actually formulate and articulate that message. Your core marketing message says something along these lines: “I am _____. I work with _____ who have this problem_____. I help them to _____.”

So, you might say, “I am Jason Young. I work with home owners to get rid of their mortgage debt. I help them to sale their home and make a fresh start.

Establishing a coherent core marketing message that identifies who you are, identifies the problem you can solve and gives the potential client a look at what life looks like after their problem is solved is key to success in your real estate business.