Year End Agent Recruiting

During this time of year, agents start to evaluate how much commission they have earned, what is left in their pipeline, and how they can get a few more deals done before the year ends.

All this makes it a great time to execute a year end recruiting strategy that can get more agents in your brokerage and ready for the new year.

Our research found that, starting in November, real estate agents begin checking their numbers for properties sold, commission received, expenses, and their net take home pay. This is also the time when agents begin to quietly check out what other brokers have to offer.

“At the end of the year, I ask myself if it is time to change brokers.” -survey response

“At the end of the year, I ask other agents how are their numbers, and how much did their broker help with leads and marketing.” -survey response

41% of the agents in our survey said that they are a “lot more” open to exploring options at the end of the year. They are open to seeing how they can increase getting more clients; having more closings; and increasing their amount of take home commission.

Year End Recruiting Strategy
1. Host a Thanksgiving Charity Event.  Team up with a local charity that collects food and other items for needed families. Invite real estate to join you in helping to get the word out in the community. This gives you face time to talk directly with agents in a friendly manner.

2. Holiday Party.  Host an office holiday party and invite other agents and brokers. Hang a large sign thanking your agents for a wonderful year. Have a second message on the sign that subtlety will invite agents to talk to you about your brokerage. A second message can be something like “Join Us – Next Year Will Be Even Better”.

3. Real Estate Q & A.  Host a training event where real estate agents can ask questions and get answers about the real estate industry, the local real estate market, and discuss projections for the next year. This gives you an opportunity to directly talk to and network with other agents.

Given the holiday festivities and all the fun and excitement that comes with it, everyone tends to be a bit friendlier and in a more fun and festive mood, including real estate agents; with makes a year end recruiting approach a fun time to add to your agent roster.