Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Wrong Way to Recruit Agents

Successful communication is the foundation of all real estate agent recruiting

If your job is to recruit real estate agents, then you talk with lots of agents about real estate companies; specifically you talk about your brokerage.

Don’t Do These Things

1 – Don’t give agents a canned pitch.  Instead, tailor your information and conversation to the agents situation

2 – Don’t be in a hurry to talk.  Instead, take time to listing and understand the agents requirements.

3 – Don’t just say your brokerage is better.  Instead, express the tangible differences about your brokerage.

4 – Don’t just talk about commission splits.  Instead, fully explain the benefits that the agent will receive; as well as the impact of the benefits on the agents real estate business.

5 – Don’t leave out info on your support system.  Instead, talk about how the agents will be supported; training events that helps agents improve their business; the technology systems that will be available to the agent; and agents can talk with the broker whenever assistance is needed.

AND, because recruiting requires talking to lots of real estate agents, make sure you do not repeat the same pitch to every agent prospect; such that it starts to sound canned and not impressive.