Real Estate Agent Recruiting

Why Should Real Estate Agents Join Your Brokerage?

Real estate agents are looking for brokers that will show them how to land clients and close deals.  So, if you are looking to add more real estate agents to your roster this year, you will need to show them how to grow their real estate business.

Because you can offer them a Growth Plan.

People join the real estate profession for many different reasons; however, they all have the common goal of wanting to earn a commission.  To earn that commission, agents are looking for every possible advantage to succeed.

Putting it out front, that you can show agents how to grow their business, will help your brokerage speak directly to agents looking to get things done.

Growth Plan

Each real estate business has its methods for what works best in their office and markets.  The thing to do is to put that information into easy to follow content, so that your new agents can get started day one.

Below is a simple outline of the areas to cover.  With each area, you will define your business process and best practices that has and will helped real estate agents reach the commission level they want to achieve.

  1. Getting Clients
  2. Provide Great Customer Service
  3. Follow-up; Be Proactive
  4. Get Escrow Open
  5. Close the Deal
  6. Ask for Referral

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