Why You Should Recruit During Holidays

When it is a holiday, most everyone gear down and change their work pattern. But if you are looking to recruit real estate agents, holidays should be viewed instead as a golden opportunity.

Recruiting during the holidays is a prime recruiting time because many real estate agents prospects have free time to consider a new opportunity.

The holidays are a time where many people, including real estate agents, give thought to reevaluating their current work and life situation and planning for the future.

Why Recruit During Holidays
1. More Free Time to Talk

Whether taking time for vacation days, shopping, or relaxation, there is simply more slack time for individuals to look for a better opportunity and to respond to recruiter calls.

There is more time for catching up on reading and learning, so top candidates may be seeing your brokerage materials for the first time during this period.

2. Little Recruiting Competition

A number of brokers and recruiters think that no one is around, so why bother trying to make contact. Therefore, if you are highly actively recruiting, you simply will not encounter many of your competitor’s recruiters actively fighting with you over top candidates.

3. Money is the Top Thought

Holidays include shopping, traveling, and parties; which all means more expenses. As a result, it is a time when many individuals think about money. If your brokerage provides great opportunities, this is a time to attract those looking to improve their financial situation.

4. Not Everyone Celebrate Holidays

Many countries do not celebrate the same holidays. Even individuals from different religious groups within the U.S. don’t celebrate the same holidays. This means that in many situations, you should continue your normal recruiting approach and be aware of individual differences.

5. Great Time to Improve Your Recruiting Techniques

Even if you decide not to ramp up your recruiting effort during the holidays, this could still be a good time to do small targeted recruiting. You can send highly focused email to your top targeted candidates; and/or invite your top 3 to 5 candidates to a cocktail social.
You could also use the slack period to work on your recruiting plan.

A number of companies do not recruit heavily during holidays, which makes it a great opportunity for you to gain ground on your competition and add to your agent roster.

The best time to recruit is when others are idle and when the candidates are most available and receptive.