Real Estate Agent Recruiting

Why Brokers Continue to Recruit with Craigslist

There are lots of new websites, with lots of features, with lots of good innovative designs; yet Craigslist stills looks the same and gets millions of visitors per day.  According to Craigslist fact sheet, the site gets 60 million U.S. visitors each month.

The housing section on Craigslist is one of the largest and most highly trafficked parts of the site, with real estate professionals using Craigslist as a tool to sell houses, and to find buyers and renters.

Why so popular with so many people?

Because it works. Craigslist has the “critical mass” of users, ads, and offerings; which provides a high probability that you will likely find what you are looking for.

Also, because for the most part it is free, with a few exceptions.  And for some job postings and other advertising that may require payment, the fee is nominal.

Prominent Real Estate Section

One of the prominent section on Craigslist is Real Estate.

Craigslist has millions of real estate listings.  This means lots of real estate agents and brokers are using and visiting Craigslist.

Craigslist has millions of jobs postings.  This means lots of people, including real estate agents, visit Craigslist to look for employment opportunities.

Why Brokers Use Craigslist as a Recruiting Tool

Location, location location.  It is a location where, everyday, real estate agents are posting listings, viewing properties, searching for buyers, and looking for opportunities; which makes it an ideal location for real estate brokers to setup shop.