Why Are Some Real Estate Agents Superstars?

What is the Foundation for superstar real estate agents?

You saw that same agent the other day at a sales meeting talking about how many active listings she has. At that time you wondered, really, that many; how is she doing it?

Getting superstar real estate agents working at your brokerage can make a good difference in your sales volume, revenue and closings. Plus it can help to attract other agents.

While each broker may have a slightly different definition of a superstar real estate agent, most brokers agree that a superstar agent closes on a number of listings throughout the year.

This lead us to look at the foundation of the person, which makes for a superstar; and just what is it they do, or not do. There are lots of comparisons and variations; however, what is core to superstars are some very fundamental components.

Superstar Real Estate Agents and their Foundation

1. Not Afraid to “Ask”

Have you ever said to yourself, “darn, I should have asked for that”? Or maybe you waited or hesitated, and by the time you got around to asking, it was too late; someone had gotten it.

Superstars have trained themselves to ask; without hesitation and without over thinking a situation. They listen for opportunities, access the situation, and ask for the item in play. This could be a lead someone else does not want work; or a chance to speak at an event; or asking a home owner to give them a chance to show how good they are.

Included in their foundation is that you have to ask for what you want; and asking for something is not a matter or right or wrong; but an understanding that in order to acquire (leads, listings, buyers,…), you have to ask.

2. Understand the Importance of Support from Others

Do you know everything about real estate? Are you aware of all the new laws effecting a real estate sell or purchase? How about all the new companies that are opening in your surrounding communities? And about that new housing development that the city is planning?

Superstars have no intention or desire to do everything. Instead, they count on others to help them out. Superstars look for ways to have other people get information to them, and they get help with the things they are either not good at or just do not want to do. It is important for them to spend time on things that that are good at and things they want to do.

3. Keep Learning

“All real estate is local” is often a phrase that most real estate agents know. To a superstar, yes, real estate is local, because there is so much to know. Let’s take a ten to fifteen mile radius of your real state farming base. Any new construction happening? News reporting problems with schools, crime in certain areas? How about businesses opening and closing.

Plus, it is not just staying on top of your local market, superstars track things going on in the real estate industry; and especially national changes that could impact their local housing markets. For example, potential changes to HUD; changes in disclosures and settlement statements.

And superstars want to learn about things that will make them and their business better. Are there new tools? Does my targeted clients prefer to communicate with text messages? Are there better way to get more out of online marketing?

4. Determine To Set Their Own Path

Superstars listen to other people’s opinion; check out other agents marketing materials; talk with people about what is working for them;… then superstars decide how best to do it in a way that works for them.

Superstars do not mind being the first to do something; or being the one who will do it differently. They are comfortable doing things their way.

5. Take Action / Do

Regardless of the situation, set backs, advances, … superstars take action. They will call, email, text and follow-up. In their mind is the “let’s get this done” approach.

Superstar real estate agents have done and continue to do the things listed above all the time. They continually invest their time and resources into being the best.