Who is Selling Real Estate – Market Niches

Thousands of people across the United States purchased a home today, and this buying process plays out every day.

While the numbers may not be as large as they were a couple of years ago, houses are still being sold every day.

Our research revealed that there are market niches in which real estate brokers and agents are successfully selling homes. While you are aware of the foreclosure market, including REOs and short sales, there are other markets in which agents are selling successfully.

Other Top Real Estate Market Niches

1. Family Estates – people pass on their houses and other real estate property after they die. Real estate agents are contracted to get the house sold in a timely manner. While the process of getting the home sold is the same (advertising, showings, appointments, etc.), you do want to have knowledge of estate document requirements, time lines, signatures, and ownership validation.

2. Cost of Living – people are moving from high expense states to lower costs states. They simply want to pay less to live. Agents in this niche use advertising that focuses on “living better for less”.

3. House Swap – in looking for ways to preserve their home equity and value, a number of home owners are turning to swapping their homes. In this niche, agents assist with the finding and sale of the properties. To ensure that both homes are sold, a contingency is added to the purchase agreement for a dual closing for both properties on the same day.

If you are looking to build, expand or just increase your revenue this year, add to your brokerage a strategy to train or recruit agents in the above real estate areas.