Which Agent Recruiting Marketing Works Best?

Do You Know?

  • Emails
  • Postcards
  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • In-house Preview Meetings
  • Agent Referrals
  • Friends and Family Referrals
  • We’ve Done Deals Together Letter (to agents you’ve worked with)
  • Congratulations Letter (to agents closing big deals)
  • Welcome to Real Estate Letter (for new agents)
  • Talks at Real Estate Schools
  • Real Estate Assistant Advertising (start person as an assistant)
  • Cold Calling
  • Hosting Community Events
  • Bill Board Advertising
  • Advertising for Real Estate Agents

This is a short list of the ways agents are recruited by real estate brokers.  The key is to know which way works for your brokerage; because recruiting efforts that works for brokerage firm A, may not work for brokerage firm B.

We have conducted different surveys that ask brokers, “How are you recruiting Agents?”, and the results contain a number of different answers; as evidence by the list above.

Brokers, who responded to our surveys, indicated that they expect to continue their same recruiting strategy for the next three to six months; and that they were fairly confident in their real estate agent recruiting strategy.

So, what real estate agent recruiting strategy works best?  Our survey analysis shows most brokers use a combination of:
1.  Emails
2.  Letters
3.  Invites to in-house preview meetings