Want Sellers & Buyers Leads? Use this Webinar

Because of the internet, anyone thinking of selling their home will first go online to check out the selling prices in their neighborhood.  Wouldn’t you do the same thing?

Since this is what a large number of sellers and buyers will do, you can position yourself to be the person they contact; using webinars.

You are already answering the same questions over and over; just for different people.  Why not put the answer in a webinar.

With a webinar, you can focus on a specific topic, provide good useful info, and invite prospects, clients and others to “get answers” about real estate.

Record Your Responses

The next time a client or potential client asks you a question about real estate buying or selling, after you have finished the conversation, take a few minutes to record the question and answer.  Then turn your recording into a webinar.

Include with your webinar, an invitation for people to email you their questions and issues.

Webinars generate leads.

Keep the webinar short and packed with good valuable information.  Your goal is to become a trusted real estate source for people to contact. When people start to contact you, add them to your database.

What Should You Record

Stuff related to real estate buying and selling.

When you did a listing presentation, what types of questions did the seller ask?  When talking with people looking to buy a home, what do they ask you?  If you were going to buy or sell your home, what questions would you ask?  Each of those questions can become a webinar.

Make Sure You Follow-up

Why wouldn’t you follow-up?  Good question, especially since you want prospects to contact you.  However, the reality is that sometimes follow-up just don’t happen.  Maybe you got too many leads; you got busy and forgot; or you plan to get to it later, but don’t.

Responding quickly improves your chances of getting a new client.

You want people to have a positive professional experience when they reach out to you.  And you want to sign up new clients, so follow-up quickly.