Want Referrals – Make the Experience Shareable

Do an exceptional job, so that people will brag to others about how well they were treated.

Most people like talking about the deal they got; the special discount they received; and how well they were treated.

So, if you want your clients to refer you to their friends, family, co-workers and others, you must give them a reason to talk about your real estate company.

You can do this by constantly innovating your customer experience.  Not only do you want to delight your clients, but you want to delight them in a way that will put you top of mind. You want them to say to individuals in their network, “You will not believe what happened to me today.”

Stories are powerful, and if your clients and prospects are compelled to share their experience, others will listen.

Creating Referral Sharing Customer Experience

.1.  Understand the drive (pain point) for why the person is looking to buy or sell their home.

.2.  Identify what a successful house purchase or sell looks like to them

.3.  Have a clear understanding of their expectations

.4.  Look for ways to go above and beyond; as well as ways to make the process less stressful

.5.  Deliver