Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Want More Real Estate Agents?

Get More Agents by
Showing how You are the Better Brokerage

Okay, either the real estate agent knew how to do online marketing, or you just succeeded with providing education.  But so What?  Why is it good for them.

Your marketing needs to talk about “getting sellers who are ready to sell now, getting qualified buyers,  winning the listing, …”

Real estate agents join brokerages that can give them an advantage.  Whether it be an advantage with getting leads, listings, buyers, or closings, agents wants to be with brokers that can deliver.

How are You the Better Brokerage?

Provide Context… about your connection to communities, charities, sales volume, training programs….  highlight the good things about your brokerages AND include comments from your agents.

This Time of Year is Great….  for talking about what your real estate business has been doing throughout year; as well as what you are planning for next year.  Invite past sellers and buyers to post short clips on how they enjoyed working with your real estate company.  These clips can be posted on your website, facebook, instagram, twitter,….

Let Agents See…. your level of support.  Show them your technology platform, systems and how your office has tools to make it easy for the agents to get things done.

Agents also want to know that you care.  This is a good time to hold a “Holiday Open House”.  Invite real estate agents, past clients, and other industries professional to your office as a way of say thank you to current relationships, and as a way to say hello to new and potential agents and clients.