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Want More & Better Prospects? Un-Gate Your Content

There are lots of content that need not be gated, and by not gating this information, you can increase your number of better qualified leads.

Industry research suggests that people visiting your website or social media space is looking for information.  Once they have established that you are a reliable source for that information, they will have no problem with identifying themselves to you.

However, the opposite is fading and is no longer true, i.e., persons visiting your website, hesitate and in a number of cases go to another site, when they must give you their contact info, just to get information.

Un-gating your content lets your leads self-select, which makes for better leads overall.
Gated content forces visitors to turn over their contact info whether they would make for good leads or not. By un-gating your content you’re letting your leads self-select, which makes for better leads overall. Your agents are then able to focus more time nurturing leads that will become clients and less time chasing after non-leads.

The same holds true if you are recruiting agents to join your brokerage.  Agents who self-select to reach out to you, make for higher conversion success for your recruiters, and your real estate business.

Are PDF e-Books Enough?
This shift to un-gate means that content that continues to be gated must really deliver on expectations. These days, a PDF ebook might not be enough to compel your visitors to turn over their contact info.

Content, Not Gates, Pulls in Leads.
What works is creating content that people love.  First create your content for the people you are targeting to visit your site, then treat them as customers they they are ready.

So, What’s being Used Today?
Content-Enabled campaigns; i.e., adding an interactive layer to your content.  It is shifting from designing campaigns to educate about your products or services, to creating a campaign around interactive content that engages people and at the same time collects valuable information.

What does a content-enabled campaign look like? If you’re a property management company you might create a campaign focuses on the beauty of the properties your company manages and speaks to your efficiency. But that would just be your company talking at the potential customer.

To engage the customer in a conversation, your company could build an assessment that helps your prospects identify their challenges and suggests helpful solutions. Your campaign would focus on promoting the assessment and not your services. The leads captured from the assessment would then be used to gain new customers using an approach customized to fit that customer’s specific needs, needs you know about thanks to your assessment.

Content enabled campaigns can also be polls, surveys, calculators, contests, etc.

In addition, there is the potential to use the info collected from your content-enabled campaign to create more targeted, niche content in the future.