sponsor real estate agents

Want More Agents, Sponsor Them

Companies sponsor people all the time.

Sponsor – a person or organization that provides funds for or plans for a project or activity carried out by another, in particular.

There are sponsors for marathon runners, medical research, political candidates, new student uniforms, new facilities, college scholarships, …….

So, have your own program to sponsor real estate agents.

In addition to helping someone from your community, you also get to educate and inform people of the opportunities in the real estate industry; and your real estate company will benefit from people (local news, online, etc.) talking about your sponsorship program.

Great Recruiting Benefits for Your Brokerage

Today, there are a number of companies talking about the bonuses they are giving to their workers.  Some companies are also talking about the wage increase they are giving.


Because, (1) companies know that it is great marketing; and (2) companies want future employees to look favorable upon them.

Your real estate company can receive similar good will by helping someone to have a real estate career.

How it Works

Start by deciding that you would like to help someone to become a real estate agent, then:

  1. Set a budget that covers the cost of the real estate school and licensing
  2. Set a time requirement for completing the school and licensing
  3. Write your application and submission requirement
  4. Write your agreement; including must join your brokerage for x time period
  5. Decide how many sponsorship; maybe you will do one per quarter
  6. Set a process for taking and reviewing applications
  7. Get the word out that you have a new real estate agent sponsorship program

To have a great program and to be a good sponsor, take the time to put your review and selection process in place.  This way it will be easy and consistent to discuss how people are chosen.

Be clear and upfront about the number of persons that you will be sponsoring, and what will be expected of the persons selected.

Get the word out to your local media, as well as online via social media, and your website.  Be sure to ask others to help spread the word.


Other Sponsorship Options

Other ways of implementing a sponsorship program, is to have a program whereby you offer to pay 50% of the real estate school; or maybe you will provide a certain dollar amount toward schooling & licensing.


All Applicants Interested in Real Estate

All persons that submitted applications for your program have identified themselves as being interested in becoming a real estate agent.  Perhaps your recruiter can talk with them about how to get started.