Want More Agents Referrals? These Top Motivators Work Best

Agents referring other agents to your brokerage is the best powerful recruiting tool.

Using a well thought-out referral program gets your agents to
– assess candidates for their skills and fit with your brokerage
– sell them on your company
– identify top prospects that are not broker-searching

With a referral program that combines identifying potential candidates; assessing the candidates’ skills, and selling the candidates on the company, you get a great recruiting tool that can be used over and over again.

So what are the top motivators that will get agents to refer other agents to your brokerage?

1.  Agents want to help a friend

The biggest and main reason for referring other agents to your brokerage is not money; instead, it is that agents want to help someone they know.

2.  Agents want a role in determining who they work with

When given the choice, we all prefer to work with people that are positive, excited about their job, and that help bring enthusiasm to the office. Real estate agents are no different; therefore, if they know of someone who would be great to work with, they would refer that person to your brokerage.

3.  Agents want to earn a bonus

While money is not the number one factor for referring other agents to your company, it is a factor. After all, receiving a bonus helps the agent earn extra income.

4.  Agents want to help the company

When agents like where they work, they want the company to succeed. Thereby, when the broker is helping and supporting agents with their business, agents want to do their part in make sure their broker stays in business.

Investing time to correctly setup an agent referring program, can help your real estate company consistently add to its agent roster.