Make it Easy

Want More Agents? Make it Easy

How many posts, blogs, articles, tweets,… have you read today?

An even better question is how many emails,  messages, and links did you not click on today?  Lot’s right.  Why?  Because there is just too much information and data coming your way; and you just don’t have time for it all.

Well, the same thing happens with real estate agents.  They are getting lots of data, advertisement, and solicitations at them on a daily basis, so the last thing they want from you is complex info where they have to figure things out.

Keep the Process and Info Easy

When it comes to recruiting real estate agents, the easier your content and marketing info is to understand at a glance, the more likely it is to get real estate agents to stop and check out your brokerage.


(1) Growing your real estate business can be easy, how? We give you leads and help you with closing the transactions.

(2) You can focus on helping people find and sell their home, while we do the back end work to get deals closed.

(3) Want to grow your sales and commission?  Let us show you how we help our agents close lots of transactions.

(4) New to real estate?  Let us show how to get going quickly.

These example can be used in your marketing to start a conversation with real estate agents.  You can pose a question on twitter; write a detail blog post; create a survey, etc.  The idea is to engage real estate agents in an easy way that makes them stop and take notice of your brokerage.