Want Agents? Do These 2 Things

If you want real estate agents to join your real estate company, the best way to go about it is to solve the two biggest problem that real estate agents have.

1 – Show Agents How to Get Leads

Every business must prospect for clients, include real estate agents.  A high percentage of both new and existing real estate agents have problems with finding clients — prospecting / generating leads.

Real estate agents know that they’ve got to talk with people; find people that want to buy a house; find people that want to sell their house.  Most agents don’t know how to go about it.

So, if your brokerage offered guidelines on how to do this, agents would be interested in joining your brokerage.

2 – Show Agents How to Close Deals

After a real estate agent has gotten their first client, now what?  Or maybe this transaction is more complex.

As a real estate broker you know that there are specific documents, client communications, third party communications (inspection, escrow, …) that must be done.

So, if your real estate brokerage offered guidelines on how to handle clients and transactions, agents would be interested in joining your brokerage.

How to Do these 2 Things

Do Twice a Month Trainings

(a) Get Buyers & Sellers Leads Training
(b) How to Handle Real Estate Transactions

Setup ongoing training meetings, and have them at least twice a month.  You can conduct them online, in your office, and /or at a location in the community where you want to recruit real estate agents.

Ask each agent to provide feedback.  If the agent found your training to be helpful, ask them to help spread the word by informing other agents about your training.  As word gets around, more agents will be interested in attending your training meetings, which gives you lots of opportunities to discuss how your real estate brokerage can help them further.