Authority Real Estate Industry

Want Agents? Be an Authority!

Be an Authority in Your Real Estate Market

Agents want to join brokers that are doing things, pushing forward, and making a difference.  To get more agents, you should position yourself as the “go to” / “authority” real estate broker.  I.E., agents see your real estate business as the one to trust; when it comes to matters relating to real estate.

The new way of thinking is less about pushing messages and more about leading or joining the conversation.  It can be….

  • a simple and short tweet about a hot topic
  • well-researched and lengthy white paper that delves into a subject
  • hosted event for a get to know your local real estate broker
  • speaking engagement at your local community centers
  • monthly “coffee with a broker” to discuss real estate tips

In either case, the objective is to build trust and establish your real estate brokerage as an authority in the real estate industry.