email marketing messages

Use This to Get Your Emails Read

If you want your emails read, you’ve got to get the subject right.

Sending to Agents – for Recruiting,……

Sending to Buyers and Sellers – for New Clients,…….

Your Recruiting and Lead Generating Emails must have a subject line that stands out to your intended target.  The amount of time you spend perfecting the body of your message will be pointless if you can’t get someone to open the email.

Getting Your Emails Read
Have a Great Subject Line
Say something that you know would be of interest, informative, or important.  Make it like a one-on-one communication – for that person only.
For ExampleAgent Recruiting Email Subject:
– Here is how we get lots of leads
– Here is how to get a closing this month

– Learn from top listing agents

Avoid the mass marketing / spam approaches.
– don’t capitalize the first letter in every word
– don’t use all capital letters
– don’t use words like free, save, click, and offer

– don’t use exclamation points

Have a Brief Subject Line
Did you know that only a preview of your subject line is shown?  That’s because lots of people are now reading their emails on their mobile phone or tablet; and on these platforms, on the first six to seven words are shown.

Even on your computer, the subject line is shorten; so other things like “from”, “date”, etc. can be displayed.

Focus the Subject Line on Your Target (not yourself)
The subject line should be about the recipient’s problems and needs.  Provide them with a great value proposition.

For Example:
Don’t Say:    We can help you with your business
Instead, Say:   Tips on how to get more listings appointments


Emails land in our inbox everyday.  Everyone gets them.  Sometimes you click to read the email.  You likely clicked today to read an email — now, that email that you clicked today to read, how was the subject line written?