Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Use These Messages to Recruit Agents

Agents want to be able to trust the Broker they work with

Recruiting agents today means showing agents that your brokerage does things the correct way, and that you are open and clear about your office and business policies.

Agents want to know and feel that they can trust you.

Real estate agents are looking to work with a broker that will be helpful to their business.  No real estate agent wants to plan and make decision based on false or misleading information.  Whether the agent is new in starting their real estate business, or have been in the real estate business for years, agents always prefer to work with someone they can trust.

So, when recruiting real estate agents, you should include words and messages that convey trust.

Marketing Messages that Conveys Trust

The following are messages that encompass and imply trust.  Try these and other similar messages for recruiting agents to your brokerage.

1. Our Top Agents have been with us for an average of 10 years
This conveys that other agents have trusted your brokerage for at least ten years.  With that amount of time, your real estate business must be doing something right.

2. We provide great leads; just ask our existing agents
This says that not only can you help with leads and growing their business, but they can verify this information with agents that is currently working at your brokerage.

3. We want you to be successful, join our brokerage, and we will prove it
Your message here is that you are committed to helping agents, and you are will to prove it.