Psychology of Lead Generation

Use These Messages to Generate Leads

The right Psychological Messages will generate leads

Psychological Messages
Human beings have mental triggers that drive their actions. In order to influence and understand your cliens, you need to know what those triggers are and how to utilize them in your marketing message.


Because our minds decide what to buy. So if you know how minds function, you have the power to influence the decisions they make.

Thereby, you should use a psychological message that compels a person to want to take action now. And if not now, you want them to want to write down or bookmark your information, so that they can contact you when they have time.

Sample Messages

Listings Leads:
NOW is the Best Time to Get TOP $$$$ for Your Home
Find out how much you can get.
Call Now (866) 459-4597

Sell Now for Top Price
Buyers are Ready
Call for your options (866) 459-4598


Buyers Leads:
I have a house that I really MUST sell Quick
Price discounted by $33,000 for fast sell.
3 bedroom, 2 bath house in a great neighborhood.
Call me NOW at (866) 459-4597

Price Reduced – Seller Needs to Move
2 bedrooms, 2 bath
Call for details (866) 459-4597


Distributing Your Message
Whether you use postcards, direct mail, craigslist, email, or online ads, the important thing to know when sending your marketing message is to be consistent and give it time to work.