Real Estate Leads

Use One Call To Action when Recruiting Agents

The ideal number of Call To Actions (CTAs) in an email should be ONE.

The top section (referred to as above-the-fold section) on the homepage of your website or email campaign should have only one prominent “call to action”.  This is because having one CTA is more effective at getting agents to take the desired action before their attention scatters in other directions.

A number of brokers and marketers likes to include two to three CTAs.  For example, CTAs may include a “Request to Check Out Your Brokerage”; a request to “Attend Sales Meeting”, or could include a link for agent to join your brokerage.

Having multiple CTAs may seem like a good tactic, however, they do not contribute to your brokerage getting more clicks or inquiries.

This is because it is the more options that agents have to choose from, the more their attention is diverted.  Therefore, it is more effective to direct agents to the key action that you want them to take, before their attention scatters in other directions.

Your CTA should be prominent, and it should drive your campaign recruiting goals, e.g.,  you can have a CTA for agents to  join your brokerage, set meeting date, attend sales meeting, or inquire about real estate leads.

If you do include additional CTAs, they should be hyperlinked to text, so that they draw less attention.