Turn Clicks into New Agents

Someone is considering becoming a real estate agent.  An existing real estate agent is looking to change to a new real estate brokerage.  They both are searching online.  How can you get them to join your office?

People join the real estate profession because the payoff can be big.  The potential of a BIG commission check is alluring.  At the same time, it gives them something tangible that they can point to and touch, along with a memory of helping someone fulfill something very meaningful in their life.

Let them know You Understand

Your online advertising should speak to people who are considering joining the real estate profession, as well as to people that are already real estate agents.  The underling message is the same when focusing on why be a real estate agent.

For the new people looking to become a real estate agent


For people who are already real estate agents

Use a simple focused message that resonate with being in the real estate profession.

Lead to Your “Let’s Talk” Page

The adverting should list your website page, that contains info on how your brokerage can help them.  Also your website page should have a way for them to contact you.  Your contact info should be clearly visible.  Whether you use a form,  display your email or phone number, you do not what any potential recruit spending time trying to figure out how to reach you.

Follow-up is required.  Do not wait days to return a call or email.  Connecting back should be done immediately.