Email One Pain Point

Top Strategy for Better Email Leads

Create Emails Around ONE Pain Point

Everybody have questions.  When selling or buying a house, people have even more questions, along with lots of confusion.  For a number of people, whether buying or selling a house, the process can be frustrating, annoying, and difficult.

That is why solving problems help sellers and buyer understand why they should consider you for the job.  You provide answers, solutions, and reduce their stress.

The Pain is the Story

People pay attention when someone is talking about their pain.  Why?  Because they want to know how to solve their problem; how to make their pain go away.

If you are not talking about their pain, and you are not offering working solutions for them, then you are not providing value to them.  In that case, sellers and buyers are not really interested in what you have to say.  I.E., they are not interested in talking with you.

You should choose a pain point that you know your target market has; then provide solid answers that make them want to contact you.

Your email should identify the pain and the solution; as well as any offers that you are providing that will help with their pain.

Keep Your Email to ONE Pain Point

If you have multiple pain points in your email, the intention and focus can get lost in the words, because you have to provide lots more information.  Sometimes when we are given too many choices, we’re unable to see the ONE thing we need.

Stick with one clear directive so that your sales focus is clear and easier to convey.

Pain Point Examples

.. Problem with Down Payment

.. House need repairs

.. Conducting showings during covid-19

.. Getting Pre-Approved before house shopping

.. Need house to sell for certain amount of money

Write your emails with a single pain point in mind, and offer a valued solution on how to solve the problem.  Always include your offer of helping to solve the problem; along with your contact information.