Real Estate Leads Magnet

Top 7 Irresistible Lead Magnets for Real Estate

Want more real estate agents to join your brokerage?

How about getting more buyers and sellers to contact you about their real estate needs.

To attract Real Estate Agents, Buyers, and Sellers, you need a lead magnet that is effective at attracting leads.  I.E., something that is absolutely irresistible to the people that you want to contact you.

And, for a lead magnet to be irresistible, it must have certain characteristics.

7 Characteristics of an Irresistible Lead Magnet

1 — It Solves a Real Problem – if your lead magnet does not solve a real problem that your prospect has, or if it does not give them something they really want, it won’t work at all.

Example Agent Recruiting:  Give info on your marketing efforts that directly helps real estate agents get clients.

Example Buyers & Sellers:  Inform how you are prepared to handle unforeseen issues; should something happen.

2 — It Promises One Quick Win – your lead magnet should promise (and deliver) one quick win for your prospect. In other words, it should help them to easily achieve something.

Example Agent Recruiting:  Give info on best ways to use social media to generating leads.

Example Buyers & Sellers:  Inform that you can provide an accurate home valuation in only a few minutes.

3 — It is Super Specific – don’t create a lead magnet about something general. The more specific you are about the benefit of your lead magnet, the better it will convert leads.

Example Agent Recruiting:  Give info on what to post on facebook or twitter to get more leads.

Example Buyers & Sellers:  Inform about any guarantees or warranties that you provide.

4 — It is Quick to Digest – PDF checklists tend to convert really well because they are so quick and easy to digest. eBooks or lengthy reports may make your prospects feel overwhelmed.

Example Agents, Buyers, & Sellers:   Provide information in PDF; or send nicely formatted email

5 — It is High Value – your lead magnet should have both high perceived value and high actual value.

Example Agents, Buyers, & Sellers:  Make it look impressive — From Our Award Winning Broker;  From Out Top Selling Agent

6 — It is Instantly Accessible – your lead magnet will work best if it is something that can be delivered right away. People love instant gratification.

Example Agents, Buyers, & Sellers:   Only ask for name and email; don’t ask for lots of information.

7 –  It demonstrates your expertise or Unique Value Position (UVP) – when someone consumes your lead magnet, it should demonstrate your expertise or your unique value position.  This helps turn leads into your agents and clients  down the road.

Example Agents, Buyers, & Sellers:   Include links other articles and useful information that you provide.