High Service, Beats High Tech

Today, High Service Beats High Tech

Technology Usage is up.

Automated Chat Bots to answer questions.

Automated Phone Systems to check balances.

Alerts for property listings.

Technology exists to make things better, and we all use it to improve things for ourselves.  However, a recent study suggest that good personal customer service beats out high tech.


People want to talk with someone who can “just give them an answer”; without having to press buttons; repeat questions; and re-type their problem.

As to real estate, when someone is deciding to sell their home, they want to talk with a real estate professional.  When a person is ready to buy a house, they ultimate want to talk with a professional that will help them get the house that they want.

People want to know that the person who will be representing them actually know what they are doing.

How to Leverage High Service

-1-  Make it easy for people to contact you.  Display your email address and phone number on your website.  This is in addition to having a contact form.  This way, buyers and sellers know that they can call, email, or complete your form  to reach you.

-2-  Do personal follow-up.  Even if you have to leave a message, sometimes it is best to call and check-in with your clients.  Let them know that can reach out to you, if they have questions or need assistance.

-3-  Don’t make promises you cannot keep.  When talking with your clients, be friendly, courtesy and factual.  Do not over promise.  Research shows that an unfulfilled promise equal client resentment.

-4-  Be mindful of your clients needs.  Yes, your clients want to sell their home; or they are looking to buy a house.  However, they are also people who maybe dealing with other life issues -good or bad.  Take the time to listen as to why they are selling their home; or why they are buying a house. Doing this will help you win repeat and referral business.