Things People Don’t Tell You

Successful Brokers Do These Things,
BUT… May Not Tell You.

Looking to get more from your online real estate marketing campaigns?  Or, maybe your marketing campaigns are not going a good as you would like.

Try these four things that top online marketers, including real estate brokers, do to get better results.

1 – Follow the 1% Rule
Social networks vary, as do goals and objectives, but a general rule to follow is to shoot for at least 1% click-through or engagement on posts.  As with other forms of marketing – like direct mail – 1% of an audience shows that messages are resonating and that your targeting is accurate.

2 – Don’t Engage with Trolls
If your campaign receives negative feedback, you do not need to respond to everyone.  Responding can provoke negativity, no matter how diplomatic your response.  A best practice is to only respond to negative commentary that directly goes against your brand values or is factually false about your brand, rather than passive opinions.  Also, do not delete negative responses – this will rarely go unnoticed and gives the trolls a valid complaint to air.

3 – Ditch the Unsuccessful
If a message, creative, or target  isn’t leading to the results you’re after, stop it in its tracks.  Allocate those resources to a more successful post in the campaign – don’t wast budget or audience attention on posts that are not working.

4 – Keep It Fresh
Did you notice a new trend occur during your campaign that you could leverage?  Have your results plateaued?  Adjust as you go.  Create additional graphics, alter your targeting and try new social campaign layouts.  Campaigns have a lifespan – however, you want it make it a long one.