online real estate focus group

The Truth About Your Brokerage

Want to know what agents, sellers and buyers really think about your real estate company? 

Do a Social Media Focus Group.


Get Your Target Market’s Opinion.
Everyone has an opinion, and today lots of people are stating their opinions on social media platforms….  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …  and many others.

Even Companies websites solicit opinions with surveys, questions, & polls.  Have you noticed that your favorite news or information site are always asking your opinion?  This is because they want to provide direct polling info on their viewers’ opinion; as well as drive sales and revenue.

Your real estate brokerage can do the same thing — get direct feedback for your target market that will help to build your agent roster and increase closings.


Real Estate Focus Group
1 – Be Clear About What You Want to Learn
With a clearly defined objective, create specific questions that will help you obtain the information you are seeking.  E.G., Was your last real estate broker helpful?   Do you prefer working with a name brand franchise or independent real estate brokerage?   Overall, your feeling about real estate agents are good or bad?

2 – Define Your Procedures
Let your participants know what and how you are planning to use their information.  State how many questions you hope to address and provide instructions and other pertinent information ahead of time.

3 – Make it Positive
An online virtual environment can still be positive.  Moderate your event to keep out mean spirited and “name calling” type comments.  Let participants know that everyone views are welcomed, and that you want to hear from each of them.

4 – Include Using Multimedia
Use videos and slides to provide participants with helpful visuals.  Use streaming to ask questions and solicited feedback.  Using visuals also help to break up the monotony of reading text.

5 – Use the Right Facilitator
You are conducting an online focus group, so your facilitator should be tech savvy and well-versed in the platform that will be used to conduct the focus group.  Additionally, this person should be able to keep your group on track and prevent it from becoming weighted in any one particular issue.


Share Your Findings

Publish your results so that your participants have a chance to see how they have impacted your company and its plans.  It is also a way to show other real estate agents and companies how your brokerage is leading the way in finding current solutions.

And, the next time you conduct a focus group, more people with be interested in participating; as well as be more active and helpful, since they have proof that your company actually values their input and opinions.