The Best Email Subject Lines

THE BEST! Subject Lines That Work Like Magic

Cut Through the Email Clutter

A killer subject line is the best way to cut through the clutter and gain subscribers’ attention. 

Without attention-grabbing subject lines, your email strategy is dead on delivery.  By 2021 it is estimated there will be 333 billion emails sent globally each day.

While six out of 10 people feeling they receive too many promotion emails, 91% of Americans actually WANT to receive promotional email that has relevance to them.  That means that your emails must be targeted, timely and relevant.

Killer Subject Line

The best way to cut through the clutter and gain subscribers’ attention is with a killer subject line.  35% of consumers say they open emails based on subject lines alone.  Therefore, it is important that your email has an attention grabbing subject line.

Email Subject Line that Pique Curiosity

Curiosity subject lines make people stop scrolling and ask “What?” or “Why?”.  Here are examples:

You get $20. They get $20. Repeat.
Of course you want to get $20, and repeat.  But wait, who is they?  And how do they get $20?  You want to know, so you stop and read the email.

Stop Buying Us
The whole point of an email from you is to get people to use your services.  So, why in the world would you tell someone to stop using your services.  You can’t help but to click to find out why.

Something You’ve Never Seen Before
People have seen lots of things during their life, so if you are promising that this is something that has never been seen, you get intrigued.

Email Subject Lines with Urgency

Selling things with “limited time offer” can result in an open rate 22% higher than the industry average.  Therefore, creating a sense of urgency with your subject line is a good way to get more people to read your email.  Here are examples:

Sale Ends Today! Up to 50% Off
Not only are people intrigued by the 50% off sale, but the subject line clearly put a time limit on getting the deal.

Tonight Only:  A Home Buyer’s Dream
This raises the curiosity of your home buyers, which make the email too irresistible and a must read.

Email Subject Lines that Play on Social Media

Calling out how much people enjoy your services, makes other people more inclined to take a chance on you.  Social proof does not have to be limited to on-site testimonials or reviews, it can be incorporated into awesome email subject lines.  Here are examples:

Look Who’s Buying a House
Use the subject line to entice people to check out who in your circle is buying a house.

Glowing Reviews:  Lots of Sellers Got Top Prices
This subject line gets people to check out other people who are using your services and the price they are getting for their house.