Are You Using this Recruiting Strategy

Check out your transactions. They can be a treasure of new agent recruits. Top producing brokers have been using the other side of their transactions as a way to recruit new agents.

Every real estate property sale has a listing side and a buying (selling) side. Each side is typically represented by an agent. When your agent has only one side of the transaction, that means another broker’s agent has the other side of the transaction.

When a transaction closes, included with the closing documents is the name and brokerage of each agent involved with the transaction. This agents’ information is then used by brokers as a part of their recruiting strategy. Especially since they already know that the agent is capable of closing deals.

Recruiting with Transaction Agent Information

1. Create List of Your Outside Agent Transactions
On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, create a list of your brokerage transactions, that involved agents from another brokerage. Your list should contain info like property address, sale price, closing date, and contact info of the outside agent.

2. Call Outside Agent to Say Thanks
Make a call to the outside agent and thank them for working with your agent to get the transaction closed. Have a small chat about their helpfulness and client service. Briefly mention about their being a good agent, and your door is open should they ever be looking for more growth.

3. Send Follow-up Letter about Opportunities
Send a follow-up letter, thanking the outside agent again for working with your agent. Also state key opportunities available to them should they join your brokerage. Ask to meet over coffee to discuss ways you all can work together to close more deals.

4. Call again 45 days later; follow-up
Make follow-up call to talk about their business, and any assistance you can provide. Let them know that you will touch basis with them from time to time.

Be sure to also thank your own agents for doing a good job on getting transactions closed. Treating your agents well puts your brokerage in a positive light when outside agents talk with your existing agents about working at your brokerage.