Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Successful Process for Recruiting Agents Today

From Top to Bottom, Stay Persistent

Everyone has been effected by the coronavirus pandemic  (covid-19).  Today, each person is trying to decide, what’s next?

Particular in regards to real estate:  home selling, home buying, investing, … there are lots of questions.  For example:

      • should I buy a house today, while interest rates are low?
      • Should I buy a larger house in an anticipation of renting out rooms after the pandemic is declared over?
      • Should I sell my 4-unit apartment building?
      • Should I sell my house now or wait?

Your real estate brokerage should set itself to be the place of accurate and up-to-date information for real estate agents.  Why?  So that agents see you as a reliable source of information; as well as a viable real estate company.

When you announce that your real estate company is hiring, agents will already be familiar with your brokerage in a positive manner.

Define Your Recruiting Process & Do It

1…  Identify three sources that can generate real estate agent leads for your brokerage

Example:  run an ad on craigslist, facebook; and post on instagram

Do It:  run your ad; post your notices; post valuable real estate information

2…  Track and Prioritize all of your leads, inquiries, and interested agents

Example:  enter all leads in a CRM; lead tracking system

Do It:  enter all leads daily; include info on lead source, identify hot vs warm leads

3…  Always Respond to each lead

Example:  you can call, email, reply online, inbox

Do It:  each day and as soon as possible, reply to each agent that reaches out to you

4…  Invite Agents for an interview to discuss their goals and your company

Example:  you can use video chat, conference call, face time

Do It:  always schedule the interview

5…  Conduct on-boarding and training with all new agents

Example:  have a specific program that mentors new agents about your company, including leads, clients, transactions and documents.

Do It:  record videos, tape training sessions, create a youtube channel that keeps agents up-to-date about running and growing a real estate business.