Real Estate Agents and House

Some Brokers Doubling Agent Roster

Some Real Estate Brokers Continue to Grow their Office

From independent brokers to national franchises, there are brokerages that continue to add agents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some brokerages have focused on providing more information to buyers and sellers on what to do and expect when buying and selling a house during covid-19.  While other brokers have focused on niche marketing such as offering private, per-scheduled, house “information sessions”.

Carving out niche information marketing has help brokers to be in touch with buyers who is still plan to buy a house; as well as in touch with sellers who still wants to sell their home.  Real estate brokers report that offering their more specific information has contributed to them being seen as a trust worthy information source.

And, by having buyers and sellers that continue to reach out to them, brokers are recruiting agents with genuine leads that are converting to clients and transactions.

The coronavirus (covid-19) continues to have an impact on the real estate market.  However, people are selling their homes and moving to new less expensive cities.  Some people are selling vacation homes to raise capital.  And, some people are recognizing that interest rates are low, and now is the time to make that house purchase that they were already considering doing.  These activities by buyers and sellers are keeping some brokers excited, recruiting agents, and closing transactions.