Real Estate Success

Should You Brag About Your Success?

If you are looking to recruit agents, get buyers, and land more sellers, research from Dimensional says that positive talk about your success helps.

People who read online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision.

Agents, buyers, seller and people in general are becoming more and more wary of marketing messages.  Therefore, while you want to have your positive success messages posted, you also want to have other people posting positive things about your real estate business.

Real estate agents who are not familiar with your company may be hesitant to enter their contact information, even in exchange for something of value.

Therefore, listings a few awards, certifications, acknowledgements that your company has won can go a long way toward establishing some credibility with real estate agents.

Things to Post

—  Client Testimonials

—  Awards and Industry Recognition

—  Site Security Seals

—  Ratings from associations

Posting this type of information lets real estate agents, buyers and sellers know that your company is legitimate, and it helps reassure them that their information is safe.  This information can also server as your first step to establishing your company’s reputation.