Real Estate Business

See How Experienced Agents Look Long Term

Experienced Agents have chartered their current position

If you are looking to recruit experienced real estate agents, one important thing to keep in mind, and that is; they have made strategic decision to get to where they are.

Therefore, a best recruiting strategy is to align with the real estate agent’s thought process by listening to their needs and then matching your brokerage solution to solve their specific problem.

Experienced real estate agents are opened to different levels of change, i.e., joining a different real estate company, when it best suits their needs.

Long Term Benefits to Highlight

(1) Community connections

Highlight your charity givens and affiliations; non-profits that you support; plus other things your company does in its community

(2) Opportunity for more marketing exposure

Discuss your brokerage marketing efforts that is designed to generate business for everyone at your real estate company

(3) You are an experienced brokerage

Give examples of how your experience has helped other agents with their real estate business; and how your experienced has helped you to grow your brokerage.

(4) Vendors Connections

Inform how you have a selection of vendors that can provide great assistance, does quality work, and offers great pricing.

(5) Support

Everyone has questions or a situation that requires discussing with someone who is knowledgeable.  Explain how having been in the trenches, you have encountered lots of issues and understand how to get things resolved.

Show experienced real estate agents that your brokerage knows how to help their real estate business.