Recruiting with Hashtags – 3 Things to Boost Your Agent Roster

1 – Start by knowing what’s out there.  Search for your #BrokerageName, #CompanyName, and any #BrandName used by your real estate business.  Search the social channels most relevant to your target audience — agents you want to join your brokerage…. this includes Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Doing this search will give you a sense for how people talk about your real estate company and the services that you provide. This also give you a way to have organic conversations and interactions with agents you want to join your company.


2 – Make your hashtag easy to remember and not too lengthy.  Hahtags that are the same as your companies’ name do well (if it’s not a generic name).  Hashtags should not be too long, complicated, or mis-aligned with your brand.  Doing so, makes your hashtag both hard to remember and hard to type on social media.

AVOID using hashtags that are too generic and not connected with your brand.  This can often pull in irrelevant content and cost you time and money moderating content that is not related to your business objectives.

However, use your hashtag frequently and also post it on your own websites, blogs, and other online avenues.


3 – Use Your hashtag every time you talk about your company / brand on social media.  use verbs, adjectives, or play-on-words to bring some active and fun language to your recruiting campaign….  #AskTheBroker,  #TweetYourOffer, #AgentsStories, ….

Look for associated nicknames or hashtags your fans are using in conjunction with your brand hashtag. You can use these terms to talk about your company in a way that culturally resonates with agents.