Email Marketing

Recruiting with Email, What Works Best

Email Recruiting Still Works!

When you send an email, it is delivered immediately, and you can gauge the response to your campaign within hours.

Based on hundreds of email tests to see what resonate well for getting your emails opened, here are some examples of what worked best.

What Works When Emailing
Version A: Jeff Tyler, Realty Broker Office
Version B: Real Estate Software

The winner: Version A. The open rate was increased by 28% and the click thru rate (CTR) increased by 8%, when using the name of the person sending the email.

Version A: Dear [First Name]
Version B: [First Name]

The winner: Version A. Having a salutation can increase your open rate by 3%; as appose to not having a salutation. While the research did not poll recipients about salutations, it is suggested that people have an affinity with using greetings when talking with someone.

Body Length:
Version A: has shorter more concise email content
Version B: has longer more details in the email content

The winner: Version A. The shorter, more concise email content yielded a 7% increase in open rate. With the increase use of mobile devices, tweets, snap chats, and other rising messaging platforms, people want to get to the substance of a message quickly.

When sending your real estate agent recruiting email, it is important to test those items that you know would be important to your target real estate agents. You should run different version of your email campaign, analyze the results, then replicate the campaign that provided you the best results.