Agents Recruiting Tips from Top Brokers

“We look for closers and persons with a closing attitude”, states one broker in our recent brokerage survey.

So how do top real estate brokers handle recruiting? They follow a recruiting checklist process. By taking the best practices from many years of experience. Top real estate companies use a model that guides agents to their brokerage and through the marketing and closing cycles.

Recruiting Checklist Process
According to our survey, the checklist goes a long way toward showcasing your brokerage and attracting agents. Agents want to know what’s in it for them, and brokers want agents doing deals.

Here’s how using the recruiting checklist process creates a win – win for brokers:
1. Help their Pipeline:

Leads – First thing on the checklist is to identify how often you will be providing Leads to your agents, along with a process for lead follow-up and re-assignment should the agent not pursue the lead.

2. Keep New Business Coming:

Marketing – Next, demonstrate your Marketing tools -social media, paid search, organic search, newsletter, etc., that demonstrate how you get the word out about your brokerage.

3. Don’t Do it Alone – Support:

Support – Talk about how the agent will have a Support team that will take care of the busy work; and describe to the agent the many things that the team will be doing to make it easier for the agent to just focus on closing deals.

4. Stay Current with Changes – Training:

Training – Invite the agent to sit-in on a typical training session to get a first hand view of what they can learn that will help their business get leads and clients. Be sure to encourage the agent to ask questions and participate in the discussions.

5. Measure Your Revenue Increase – Strategy:

Strategy – The last item to discuss is why you have developed your current business practices, and the revenue results of the changes. Sum things up by showing how your strategy, business practices, marketing and staff can help the agent’s business improve.