Recruiting Agents with Twitter

Looking to add real estate agents to your real estate business?  Twitter just may be able to help get you more agents.

There are approximately 328 million monthly active users on Twitter. This presents a massive opportunity for find candidates for your real estate brokerage.

Writing Your Twitter Job Tweets


You need your job tweet to stand out in a sea of other job tweets, and an easy way to do this is by using a friendly inviting tone, couple with everyday language.

One of the better ways to do this is to Ask Questions.

For example:  Do you have what it takes?   Can you do this job?  Can you talk with people?

Asking questions prompts an answer from interested candidates.



When writing your tweets, hashtags are great to use; just don’t cram in too many.  Using 2 or 3 is okay; more than that may cause a drop in engagement.

Hashtags not only make your job tweets searchable within Twitter (e.g. anyone who searches for the hashtag you’ve used can find your tweet), but they also help people understand, at a glance, what your tweets are about.

For example:  when advertising for real estate agents, use #RealEstate,  #RealEstateOffice, #RealEstateAgents or #RealEstateJobs in your tweet.

This way, anyone looking to discover tweets using the #RealEstate will be able to find you tweet. Similarly, anyone who comes across your tweet will know at a glance that it is about a real estate agents and jobs, because you’ve chosen to highlight #RealEstate.


Call to Action

You want people to respond to your tweet; but how do you want them to respond?  Tell them.

You have told them about the job, now tell them what you need them to do.  Do you want them to click a link, contact you at a phone number, email you at a specific address, etc.  Just be clear on the action you want interested candidates to take.

For example:  Can you close Big$$ #RealEstate deals? Then our #RealEstateOffice wanna hear from YOU! Click for more juicy details ->


Retweet Request

One of the good things about twitter is that it can get the word out, fast.  Starting with your followers, then your followers’ followers, their followers, and so on.

The easiest way to reach new audiences and more follwers is to ask for retweets.  When it comes to posting jobs on Twitter, asking for help via retweets is a great strategy.

According to Salesforce, less than 1% of businesses do this and by failing to ask their followers for retweets they’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Their research proves that asking your followers to retweet a tweet, results in 12 times more retweets!  That means a lot more potential candidates for your real estate business.

Note:  Be sure to actually spell the word ‘retweet’ when asking your followers, because just using the abbreviation ‘RT’ is 23% less likely to be retweeted.



Be sure to add an image in your job tweet.  Studies say that you have 4 times more chances of being retweeted! when an image in included.

In fact, tweets with pictures are usually retweeted 68% whereas text-only tweets are only retweeted 30% of the time.

Plus, 74% of tweets with media attached were favored versus 38% of tweets without media.

You can be clever with the use of your image. You are limited in characters in your tweet, so why not use your image to say more about the job you’re offering.


Sending Your Job Tweets

Once you have your tweet ready to go, when should you send it?  Numerous research studies suggest that the best time to send your tweet is when the typical person is on their downtime; e.g., morning commute, lunchtime, evening commute and after meal times.  Even Twitter says that most people check their twitter during their commute.