Recruiting Agents with the Right Funnel Design

Are you promoting the right type of content for your online marketing funnel?

Why funnel?
Your goal is to attract lots of real estate agents, or people looking to become real estate agents.  You want a number of them to ultimately join your real estate company. So, when marketing and advertising your business, you want to “funnel” as many prospects as possible to your company.

What funnel?
There are basically three levels of funnel: top, middle and bottom.

Top Funnel
The top of the funnel is the opening.  This is where any one who is interested in, thinking about, curious, or just looking into real estate will be.

Your Funnel Design should be… your website, social media channels and your blog.  Your content should include information that real estate agents find valuable;

for example:
“right ways to use social media for getting leads”, or
“words to use when following-up with leads”, or
“here is what we found that works to win new clients”,

You can create images, videos, or other medium that will hep real estate agents understand more about their business and to be successful in running their business.

Middle Funnel
Any person that expresses a level of interest in your real estate brokerage has moved to the middle of the funnel.

Your Funnel Design should be… specific pages / areas on your website that provides information about your real estate brokerage.

Share info about your agents successes;  how you commit resources to advertising and marketing that benefits your agents;  how often leads are distributed;  how you provide listings assistance for getting new clients; etc.

Offer an email opt-in to your company’s newsletter; this way you can keep and touch and lead them to the next part of your funnel.

Bottom Funnel
This is the sweet spot.  Real estate agents in the bottom portion of your funnel are highly interested in your real estate brokerage.  They are ready to take action.

Your Funnel Design should be… a lead conversion strategy.

Invite them to sit-in on one of your an agents sales training sessions; or to schedule an appointment to talk with you about how you can help them to grow their business.

You can also offer to meet-up for coffee or a local community event that is taking place.

Make sure your website has an area where real estate agents can go to and join your brokerage.  Provide clear and easy to follow steps on what the agent should do; and be sure to provide the contact information of the person to whom the agent can contact should they have questions on joining your real estate company.