Recruiting Real Estate Agents

Recruiting Agents with “No”

Want real estate agents to join your brokerage?
Get Agents to say “No” first.

 How can using “No” help you get a “Yes
The idea is to use a strategy that focuses on getting people to say “no” in order to get them to say “yes.”  And Yes, this may sound crazy, because you have been told that hearing “No” from people is bad.  However, recent tests and practices have started to embrace this concept.

Start with “No”
By allowing real estate agents to respond to a question with a “no”, you put them into a more confident position of being in control and decisive.

The strategy is to start your marketing or conversations with a question that prompts a “no” response.  For example: “Are you doing 10 closings per month?  Most real estate agents will answer no to this question.

Then respond with some information on how your brokerage generate leads, and how those leads are converting to new clients for your agents.

Next, finish with the question you want them to say “yes” to; which is, would they like to join your brokerages and start closing more deals?

While “Yes” works, “No” is Better
Traditionally, the strategy is to ask repeated “yes” questions, with the expectation of getting a “yes” to your final question.  Yes, this does work.

However, when real estate agents get your marketing info, they know that you are soliciting them.  It’s not a secret that you want them to join your brokerage.  So, in their mind, they are already set to say no.

So, to move their mind quickly to positive, good thoughts, you should start with a “no” question.  When you get someone to say “no”, you open them up to the opportunity of saying: “Yes, I will join your brokerage”.

Using “no” in this context is a very powerful motivator, and one that is a benefit to your real estate company.