Recruiting Agents with Emails? Your Email Design Matters

Real estate agents, like other professionals, receive a ton of email every day.  To make your email stand out, design it to be noticed.

Your email should look clean, stylish, and easy to read.  Follow these steps to make sure you have a good email design.

Email Design Checklist

(1) Incorporate plenty of white space so you don’t overwhelm the eye.
White space between paragraphs and around blocks of text helps people to better understand what they are reading.  According to research, this kind of white space increases comprehension by almost 20%.  Plus white space can be a powerful way of drawing the agent’s attention to a particular screen element.

(2) Make sure your text is large enough to read, including on a small screen.
Text should be easy to read, and Google recommend text size of 16 pixels.  However, the goal is to make sure that persons receiving your email can clearly and easily read it.

(3) Use a call to action (CTA) button instead of a text link for your main call to action.
A number of studies have shown that using a button with the appropriate action words, provides more clicks than using text link.  Why do buttons increase click-through rates?  Because most people scan email rather than read them word-for-word, so using buttons for your call to action means the buttons stand out to skimmers while text links often go overlooked.

(4) Organize content into sections with clear headlines for easy scanning.
Today, people approach reading email content quite differently than before.  People scan or glean the information, rather than read every word.  Your email is scanned for relevant information in a matter of seconds.  Therefore, you should create separate sections of information and where appropriate create a heading for the separated section.  Use the separate sections to highlight key information; doing this gives your email additional seconds for the agent to find something of value and to take action.