Recruit Seasoned Professionals

Recruit Seasoned Professionals as Agent

The coronavirus pandemic have a number of people thinking about, what’s next?

Whether employed, unemployed, furloughed or working less hours, everyone is reassessing their situation. This makes it a good time for recruiting and to increase your agent roster.

Seasoned Professionals

There are a number of people from different industries that would likely make a good fit as a real estate agent.  Some may be thinking about becoming a real estate agent; while others may be looking for something new.

In either case, this is a good time to let people know that being a real estate agent can be a good options for them to check out; and that your brokerage can help them with the process and support to become a real estate agent.

Consider reaching out to the following types of people

— Sales Managers

— Account Executives

— Customer Service Supervisors

— Social Media Managers

— Small Business Owners

— Recently Retired Executives

— Executive Assistants

Today, lots of people are looking to broaden their options and to try something new.  This is a time to post on social media about the opportunities that your real estate brokerage has to offer.