Recruit New Agents with Live Test Preparation

Are you looking to increase your agent roster this year?

To get new agents to join your brokerage, research suggests that you should get involved with helping them pass their real estate exam.

Why and how does this work?

Remember the time when you decided to become a real estate agent? You read the books, studied the materials, and took the practice tests. You may have even attended classes where an instructor guided you through the materials.

Once you passed the test, you felt good about the instructor, and anyone that helped you get through the process.

Cognitive psychology research suggests that by offering information, test taking tips, and overall support, the person receiving such kindness looks to show their appreciation. In this case, your brokerage has an increased likelihood, that once the person receives their real estate license, they will join your brokerage.

How should you go about your live test preparation?

Setup a “Real Estate Prep Before Your Test” workshop, and get the word out to your community. This does two things for your recruiting: (1) Persons that are ready to take their real estate exam will appreciate your assistance with getting them prepared for the exam; and (2) Persons interested or thinking about becoming a real estate agent will want more information. In either case, you can build a valuable leads database of real estate agents.

As to the conducting of the workshop, your in-house trainer can do it; you can get someone from one of the local real estate schools to conduct a session; and you can use online pre-license review materials. For internet base review courses, there is typically no requirement for you to have a school license. Thereby, you can provide a prep class, which may be administered by your real estate trainer with no licensing requirement.

You can conduct these session as often you like, monthly, quarterly, etc.; which will give you a study flow of new potential real estate agents.