How to Recruit More Agents this Spring

Offering to help solve a problem will always attract people to you, because the persons with the problem are looking for a solution.

Thereby, to get more agents to join your brokerage right now, provide a solution to the problem that agents are having. What is that problem? Agents want to be doing more business. And how do you solve this problem and get agents to join your brokerage?

Our research shows that there are two key things that real estate brokers are doing that is helping their agents get more business: (1) the brokers have an ongoing basic lead generator strategy and (2) the brokers provide online training on how to convert leads to clients.

Getting More Business
Basic Strategy for Lead Generator – Having a lead generator strategy for your real estate business helps both the broker and agent win; the broker provides the agent the opportunity to do more business, and the agent gets more clients.

To put a leads strategy in place, our research found that brokers use ongoing marketing efforts like: search engine click ads; ongoing ads in local paper and church bulletins; annual sponsorship of local school events; add their company information to websites that focus on their town and communities.

Digital Conversion Training – Do not leave your agents to “trial and error” when it come to handling leads. Along with providing leads, brokers also provide training on how to convert leads to clients.

Our research shows that more brokers are putting their own sales techniques and practices into online videos. These videos are then made available to their agents, who use them as a guide to covert leads to clients. Because these videos are online, agents can review them at their leisure, and when they just want a refresher.
Real estate brokers and agents are in business to make money. If this was not true, there would be no need for either of them to charge a fee for their services, instead they would just volunteer there time. So helping real estate agents get more business create a win for both the broker and agent.