Want More Agents? Recruit them Online, here is how

Real estate agents, just like home buyers and sellers, search for things online. Agents check out new listings in their area, new real estate offices, and yes they lookup their competition and other brokerages.

Research shows that real estate agents, especially top producing agents, keep an eye open for new opportunities; especially those opportunities that will help them improve their business. And the internet has made it easy and convenient to check things out; hence, to see what other brokerages and agents are doing.

Thereby, with more agents searching for information via the internet, real estate companies are making it a higher priority to recruit those real estate agents online. Here is how successful brokerages are doing it.

Recruit Real Estate Agents Online
1. Dedicated Recruiting Website – setup a website that is dedicated to recruiting real estate agents for your brokerage.
The website
– can be a sub domain/component of your existing site;
career.yourbrokerage.com or yourbrokerage.com/career

– should provide information on your brokerage, business plan,
and assessment for a successful real estate career

– should let person apply online to join your brokerage
same form can be used as your contact us form:

(ask for basic info -name, phone, address, email,
do you have real estate license, questions…)

2. Promote Your Recruiting Website – submit your recruiting website to online directories, search engines, social media, etc.
– Add a Career link from your primary brokerage site to
your recruiting website

– Use Google and/or other cost per click (cpc) advertising to
promote joining your brokerage

– Promote your recruiting website on your social media sites

3. Conduct Webinars – host webinars that provide valuable and trust worthy information.
– How abc realty (your brokerage) does business
– Things new agents should know
– Taking your real estate business to the next level

4. Send Newsletter to Recruit Prospects – for those persons who has contacted you about joining your brokerage, keep in touch by sending a newsletter that provides information that would be helpful to their real estate careers.

5. Respond Quickly & Invite for Coffee – designate a person that is responsible for responding to online inquiries, and be sure to respond promptly. Invite recruits to coffee to discuss what they want from their real estate career.

Follow-up is important, because agents want to know that joining your brokerages will be the best thing for them. So be sure to make contact to express your sincerity in providing them with a win-win solution.