How to Recruit Experienced Agents

Experienced real estate agents know their business. They know about marketing, getting referrals, calling clients, and closing deals. To get them to join your brokerage you have to show that you know your business.

So what do you show to experienced agents that will get them to make you a serious consideration, and to eventually make the change to your brokerage. One of the best ways that successful brokers have been able to get agents to join them, is that they started by first asking themselves, “If I was an experienced agent would I hang my license here? If so, why? If not, why?”

In finalizing their “this will get them to join” list, research shows that brokers use the following during their recruitment of experienced agents.

Recruiting Experienced Real Estate Agents
1. Announcements & Publications
Establish a simple professional portfolio of articles, accolades, columns, photos and other media material that talks about your brokerage.

Experienced agents want to know that you have the background and expertise to handle the job. They want to know what you have done; and why are you in this business.

Look at it this way, if you are going to take your clients, leads, contact, and your means of making a living to another company; wouldn’t you want to know that that company has what it takes to deliver the goods.

Therefore, be sure to include things like:
– Office Opening Celebrations
– Acknowledgement from Chamber of Commerce, Mayor
– Award ceremonies honoring your contributions
– Quotes from newspapers & magazines

2. Office Sales & Pipeline Projections
Package your sales volume in a clean professional graphic format, showing the amount of business that your brokerage has done over the last five years or more.

Provide information on how your brokerage have performed during peak selling season, in different cities, and in neighborhoods. Also show how well your agents does, in comparison to industry standards.

Utilize information published by companies that track the real estate market sales and trends, as a source of verified information.

Therefore, be sure to include things like:
– Graphic depicting sales volume and growth projections
– Map of major areas serviced by your brokerage
– Publications listing your brokerage sales
– Publications discussing your increased agents recruitment

3. Happy & Making a Difference
Being an experienced agent means you have put in the time and effort, and that you understand that you must have a healthy balance in your life between work, family, and time for yourself.

What you also understand and expect is a healthy functioning work environment; where you are greeted with smiles, and the office has a sense of professionalism and respect.

Experienced agents also know that it is about helping others to achieve their dreams and goals; and thus they want the work that they do to make a difference; and to be in an environment that is about positive impact.

Therefore, your brokerage should show :
– Testimonials from current agents
– Pictures / Video from company gatherings & events
– Notes & Letters from happy clients
Do not make your “experienced agent marketing packet” a large binder of information. Keep it concise and easy to read. Use bold attention getting heading; and include just enough information for the agent to digest quickly; still understand the value proposition of your brokerage; and wanting to contact you to find out more.