Lead Scoring

Recruit Agents with Lead Scoring

Each agent’s motivation is different.

Some agents are skilled with handling real estate deals and sales; some agents want help with the closing docs; and then there are some agents who want help learning the business of real estate.

Therefore,  you cannot expect all of your prospective agent leads to start at the same place in the recruiting journey; which also means that you cannot expect all of your agent leads to move along through the process at the same pace.

This is where lead scoring can help.

Lead scoring is an effective way to separate your real estate agent leads based on where the agents are in the recruiting journey.  The way it works is that you assign points to agents based on actions, such as downloading your agent agreement, filling out a form, or attending an event.  You can also choose to subtract points for any actions that indicate the lead (known or unknown) might not be the right fit for you real estate brokerage.

Lead scoring lets you learn more about what real estate agents like, by looking at their online activity. I.E., (a) check your website statistics to see how often agents are visit your website; (b) take note of which real estate agents attend your events; and (c) which agents check out your commission splits and fees.

Lead scoring also lets you recognize when agents are ready to make a decision.  I.E., agents download your policy for commission disbursement; or an agent emails you about getting together to discuss opportunities.

As you score your leads, you can be more predicative as to the number of real estate agents that will be joining your brokerage each month.