Recruiting Agents Online

Real estate agents spend lots of time online. They use linkedin, facebook, twitter, pintress, instagram, and other social media websites.

In addition to spending time online looking for clients, real estate agents also look to see what other agents are doing, and to see how brokers, within their immediate vicinity, are growing.

With a large number of agents spending more time on line, real estate brokers are fine tuning their online recruiting. Here is what brokers are doing for their online agent recruiting:

1. Online Advertising (Pay Per Click Ads)

Setup an adwords campaign, with Google and/or Microsoft Bing. You do not need a long list of keywords. In fact, it is better to keep your list of keywords short and focused.

Use keywords that are likely to resonate with real estate agents. For example,
– How to change real estate brokers
– How to be better real estate agent
– Top real estate brokers
– Real estate brokers in [your city name]

2. Website

Setup a website that is dedicated to recruiting real estate agents for your brokerage.

The website should provide information on how your current agents are having successful transactions; the culture and environment of your brokerage; and any assistance provided to help the entire office be successful.

Keep the website simple, focused, and easy for agents to apply online to join your brokerage.

3. Office Tour Videos

Create videos of your office environment. You can record components of your sales meetings; office celebrations; testimonials from clients,…

The point is to show that working at your brokerage will be rewarding in both their personal and financial goals.

4. Job Boards

Post real estate agent recruitment ads on job boards, search engines, internet directories, craigslist, and your career website.

Incorporate the keywords used in your Google / Bing adwords into the content of your recruitment descriptions. This helps to link your messages and increase potential for showing up in different locations on search engines.

5. Online License Transfer

Make it easy for agents to join your brokerage. For things that can be done online, add them to your career website, so agents can take action at their convenience.

For agents that you find to be a good fit for your brokerage, follow-up with them. At various times send info on the new and exciting things that are happening with your brokerage.