Recruit Realty Estate Agents Year End

Recruit Agents Now for January

While preparing for year end, you can also do some recruiting.

Real Estate Brokerages are starting to wrap things up for the year.  Since a number of buyers and sellers shift their focus to the holidays, and not home purchases, more brokers and agents spend their time on personal matters.

However, you can get a jump on growing your brokerage in the new year, by doing some recruiting now, at the end of this year.

Signing On New Agents in December

Competitive, go-getter agents always keep their eye out for opportunities. Plus, real estate agents looking to make a change are also looking for options.  Here is how you can recruit now and still have a festive holiday.

-. Host A Holiday Party
Host an office holiday party and invite other agents and brokers. Hang a large sign thanking your agents for a wonderful year.  You can have other smaller signs on your office walls designed to subtlety get agents to talk to you about your brokerages.

Example Message for Large Sign:
–  “Great Job – $25,000,000 Sales Volume”

Example Message for Smaller Signs:
–  “New Year – More Sales”
–  “Agent Support – Always”
–  “Follow the Winning Steps”

-. Acknowledge Agents Accomplishments on Social Media
Post year end results that include what your agents have done to make real estate work for them and your brokerage.  In addition to posting about the successes, also talk about the ups, downs, and how agents were able to get deals done.

-. Do Webinar on Pre-Planning for Next Year
Conduct a webinar that shows real estate agents how to get ready for and do more in 2019…. you can talk about…
1. Better prospecting for quality leads
2. Getting more referrals
3. Responding to clients needs
4. Great customer service means more clients
5. How to prioritize your time

While this is a fun time of year for lots of people, there are still plenty of real estate agents sorting things out for the coming year.  Just remember to keep your recruitment light, fun and informative.